Faculty Action on Mask Mandates, Vaccination

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Eight state conferences of the American Association of University Professors — in Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia — all asked to meet with their congressional representatives to discuss bypassing state-level legislation against vaccine mandates and address the issue directly with federally funded institutions, they said Thursday.

“Administrations appear to be prioritizing the bottom line over public health,” Irene Mulvey, national AAUP president and professor of math at Fairfield University, said in a statement. “Institutions of higher education exist to serve the common good and are uniquely situated to provide leadership by amplifying and promoting trust in CDC guidelines and putting in place sound public health policies and practices.”

In Georgia, the AAUP has been involved in a series of campus protests for mask mandates and vaccine promotion. At the University of Georgia, some 50 professors said this week that they’ll adopt an in-class mask mandate on their own in two weeks, risking disciplinary action. Joe Fu, professor of math on that campus, started the movement earlier this semester.