Glitches, ‘Gas Fees’ and Lessons We Learned Selling an NFT

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Spoiler alert: our effort to sell an NFT did not end in riches, despite the fact that some big-name publications have made hundreds of thousands selling digital versions of their articles as collectables. There was a moment, in fact, when we almost lost money in our attempt to auction an EdSurge article on the blockchain.

But making money was never the goal. The purpose of the experiment was to learn first-hand how the world of NFTs works—and to better understand how they might be used in education. And we definitely learned a few surprising things along the way. See the original article that we turned into an NFT here.

We tell the story of our quest to sell an NFT on this week’s EdSurge Podcast, and you can meet some of the bidders and hear some of the mistakes we made. And learn how it all turned out.

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