U of Tennessee Flip-Flops (Again) on Vaccine, Mask Mandates

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The University of Tennessee System has reversed direction (again) on mask and vaccine mandates. The university said that mask and vaccine mandates are not required, The Knoxville News Sentinel reported.

System President Randy Boyd announced the change Wednesday. He also encouraged all employees to get vaccinated. “As new strains of COVID-19 continue to appear, I strongly urge all UT employees who have not been vaccinated to once again consider getting vaccinated,” Boyd said.

The announcements follow the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office reversing itself  on about 70 entities in Tennessee having the power to retain their own mask or vaccine mandates — a power previously granted under the state’s new sweeping ban on COVID-19 regulations.

The controller acted following two federal court injunctions against President Biden’s executive order on federal contractors being required to get vaccinated.

Last month, Boyd announced that there was no longer a mask mandate. But the next day, the chancellor of the Knoxville campus wrote that a mandate would remain on campus because of Biden’s executive order.